Monday, November 16, 2009

Welcome to Yoeiztdrian

OK, so why this blog?I already have a few other blogs, where I share my thoughts and passions about
There's a passion in my life that is a subset of Judaism and Jewish Education, and that's the intersection of technology with Judaism and Jewish Education. I decided some time ago to focus more of my time and energy on this passion, and seek opportunities to teach and learn with others with similar interests.

That's why I created Yoeiztdrian! In case the name's raison d'etre isn't obvious, here are the clues:
Put them together, and you get Yoeitzdrian, the name I've given to my work as a consultant/teacher (and learner) on the uses of technology in Jewish Education and Judaism.

Here's I'll be sharing my thoughts on these subjects, as well as the interesting thoughts and ideas of others. Come join the conversation.

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